111 employees at the hospital responded to the appeal “100 donors from the Medical Centre”


More than 111 colleagues at the North Estonia Medical Centre responded to the ambitious appeal made by the Blood Centre of the Medical Centre “100 donors from the Medical Centre” yesterday on 19 February during the donor day held at the centre, resulting in 86 successful donations by NEMC employees and 15 first-time donors joining the family of blood donors. 

Dr. Riin Kullaste, Director of the Blood Centre, expressed her delight: “More than a hundred interested persons and almost 90 successful donations is an excellent result and a great start to Estonia’s birthday week at the Medical Centre. We have shown that we care and contribute in the best way we can.” Dr. Kullaste added, “This was our fifth time hosting Donor Day at the Mustamäe unit and the number of people giving blood has increased every time We had 48 donors on 6 May 2016, 53 donors gave blood on 17 November 2016, 58 donors gave blood on 2 May and 66 on 21 November in 2017. Previous success gave us the necessary courage to come up with a new ambitious plea ahead of the 100 anniversary of the Republic of Estonia: What will your birthday gift be to the Republic of Estonia? Come donate blood – 100 donors at the Medical Centre! And as evidenced by the results, our wish came true. Many thanks to all the donors and everyone who contributed to the organisation of Donor Day!”

Here is some additional feedback from a colleague, showing that all parties were happy with the donor day: “I would like to thank you for bothering to come to our hospital where we come into contact with blood very closely while working in intensive care. It has been 6 years since the last time I gave blood and I was a little frightened by the idea, but your encouraging employees managed to reassure me. It felt incredibly good, cleared my head and gave me so much energy I felt like going on a marathon. A big, big thank you to everyone and good luck!”