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  • NEMC Blood centre, Ädala 2
    8am-4pm Mon, Fri
    11am-7pm Tue-Thu
  • DoonoriFoorum
    Narva mnt 5, Foorum shopping centre, 4th floor
    11am-7pm Mon-Thu
    11am-4pm Fri
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Blood Transfusion Service in Estonia

Blood Centres in Estonia

There are four blood collection and processing facilities in Estonia, belonging to the hospitals in four directions – North, South, West and East. Blood centres in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Kohtla-Järve are independent from each other, but working under the umbrella of the common legislation which regulates collection, testing, processing and quality issues.

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Tributes to donors



Matthias needed a blood transfusion when he was just six days old. At that point, he hadn’t yet been in his mother’s lap as he was born premature and would not have survived without a transfusion. Mattias is now four years old, a tough and busy little guy who hasn’t decided whether he will be … Read more

Patient stories