Time Off From Work to Donate Blood

As of 1 July 2009, the right of the donor to get time off from work in order to make a blood donation is governed by clause 7 (3) 5) of the Blood Act.

7.  Blood donor and recipient

(1) A blood donor is a person with active legal capacity who is 18-65 years of age and who donates blood free of charge for the purpose of treatment of other persons to a handler of blood.
(2) A blood donor has the rights and obligations of a patient as provided by the Law of Obligations Act.
(3) A blood donor has the right:

1) to receive general information on handling of blood and transfusions;
2) to receive information on potential dangers arising from donation;
3) to decline from donation at any time if he or she so decides;
4) to receive information on his or her state of health, the results of the tests conducted on his or her blood, and the suitability for treatment of the blood donated by him or her;
5) to get time off from his or her employer for the donation of blood;
6) of confidentiality of identity.