Quality Policy

The North Estonia Medical Centre Blood Centre recognizes all of the positions on quality approved by the Council of Europe, the European Union, the World Health Organization and Estonian government agencies.

The main principles in our quality policy are the following:

  1. We value the donor, and ensure donor safety and the inviolability of donors’ personal data.
  2. We increase confidence from donors and all of society with regard to the Estonian blood services and uphold the societal reputation of the blood services.
  3. We follow good production and laboratory practices.
  4. We are constantly engaged in developing donorship.
  5. We have a high regard for the safety of donor blood and blood products and do our utmost to ensure it to the maximum extent possible given current opportunities.
  6. We release to medical institutions only products that conform to the specific requirements established.
  7. We offer medical institutions high-calibre services.
  8. We hire only employees who are qualified as meeting the requirements of their profession and train staff constantly pursuant to the latest advances in transfusion medicine.
  9. We use the services of only qualified (or trustworthy and approved) suppliers and value long-term cooperation with them. (
  10. We use only fully modern equipment, instruments, evidence-based production processes and testing methods to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness of products.
  11. We undertake to constantly deal with product development and implement modern methods in preparing blood components, in order to ensure that medical institutions are supplied with increasingly higher quality blood components that are better-suited to their needs.
  12. We take into account the suggestions of medical institutions in our everyday work and product development, and take any and all complaints from medical institutions seriously, doing all we can to avoid them in future.
  13. We undertake to comply with the standard requirements and ensure the quality of the work process and testing.
  14. To implement the quality policy, the Blood Centre has developed a quality assurance system that covers all of the necessary Medical Centre and Blood Centre resources and the organizational structure of the Blood Centre as a whole. The quality system determines the scope of the responsibility of the leading specialists in each area of activity and of the entire staff. The quality system is based on the functioning in the designated manner of the elements specified in the quality manual.
  15. The quality system is under constant supervision by the management.