Ädala Blood Center MOVED to the city center, Estonia pst 1

NB! As of May 23, 2022, the Ädala Blood Centre is CLOSED and we are not open to donors at this location anymore! In the meantime, we welcome donors at the Ülemiste Donor Centre (Valukoja 7) and from 1st June at new the Donor Centre in the city center (Estonia pst 1).


WHY is the Ädala Blood Centre moving?

The North Estonian Medical Centre’s Blood Centre’s building at Ädala 2 is undergoing a complete reconstruction. The aim of the reconstruction of the Blood Centre is to modernise the entire building, to replace the fully depreciated water, heating, ventilation, electrical and communication systems and as the result the Blood Centre will become more modern, energy efficient and meet today’s needs. During the reconstruction of the building, the existing structural solutions will become more supportive of the necessary workflows of the Blood Centre and the facade of the building will be completely renovated. The Blood Centre gets fully new contents and a modern look.


The Ädala 2 Blood Centre will be closed for donors from May 20 onwards. In the period from 23.05-01.06, blood can only be donated at the Ülemiste Donor Centre in Tallinn.


WHERE will the Ädala blood center move?

The blood collection will take place at the new address Estonia pst 1. This is the first floor of the Melon business building in the heart of Tallinn.

Estonia pst 1 maps


Where can donors PARK FOR FREE in the city center?

Donors can PARK FOR FREE at the VIRU CENTER PARKING HOUSE. The Blood Centre has a partnership with Ühisteenused AS, which allows donors to park for 2 hours free of charge in the parking lot of Viru Keskus.

How to park?

  1. First, start mobile parking in the parking zone of Viru Center. To do this, you can use the mobile app Pargi.ee, Autlo or send a message to 1902 with the content “car number VIRU KESKUS”.
  2. When you arrive at the Blood Center, enter your car number in the parking kiosk at the reception.
  3. After that, 2 hours of free parking will apply from the moment you started mobile parking in the parking zone of Viru Center.
  4. If 2 hours have elapsed since the start of parking, the usual tariff for the parking zone of Viru Center will continue to apply.


WHEN will the Ädala blood center move?

We will start welcoming donors at Estonia pst 1 from 1st June 2022. The reception of donors at Ädala Blood Centre will end on 23rd May.


FOR HOW LONG is the blood center moving to the city center?

The reconstruction of the Ädala Blood Centre building is expected to take a few years. Until then, donors will be welcomed to donate blood at the two stationary blood collection centres: Estonia pst 1 and Ülemiste Donor Centre. The exact end deadline for the reconstruction is currently unclear, but we will immediately share the information with the donors, once we have exact dates confirmed.


Is apheresis moving to the city center?

Yes, all blood collection (including whole blood donation and all apheresis procedures) will take place at the Donor Centre in the city centre at Estonia pst 1 from 1 June 2022.


Will the blood center’s OPENING HOURS change?

Donor Centre’s opening times will remain the same in the new location. The opening hours of the Ülemiste Donor Center will not change either.

The Estonia pst. Donor Centre is open:

MON and FRI from 8.00 to 16.00

TUES-THUR from 11.00-19.00


Ülemiste Donor Center is open:

MON-FRI 9.00-17.00

TUES 9.00-18.00


How to get there with PUBLIC TRANSPORT?

The Estonia pst 1 Donor Centre is a great location for donors using public transport. The distance from Estonia pst 1 from different bus stops are:

150 m from the Estonia bus stop

200 m from the bus terminal of Viru center

200 meters from A. Laikmaa bus stop

100 m from the Kaubamaja bus stop


We will update this information on an ongoing basis and encourage you to contact the North Estonia Medical Centre’s Blood Centre with any questions at verekeskus@regionaalhaigla.ee or by phone +372 617 3001.

The reconstruction of the Blood Centre is financed by the REACT-EU (Recovery Assistance for Cohesion and the Territories of Europe) structural support from the European Regional Development Fund. The aim of this measure is to improve the availability and quality of health care services (REACT-EU ERDF) and to increase the capacity of the health care system to respond to crises and to ensure the continuity of the health care sector in Estonia.