Annabel Jänes Named Blood Centre’s Best Nurse

Annabel Jänes

To celebrate International Nurses Day, the Medical Centre has a tradition of acknowledging its best nurses, caregivers and helpers. The title of the Best Nurse in the Blood Centre 2017 was unanimously given to the humble and beautiful Annabel Jänes, who is described by her co-workers as very industrious, bright-eyed, friendly, positive, hard-working and eager to learn and considered a really wonderful person among donors.

Annabel, who graduated from Tallinn Health Care College in 2013, joined the Blood Centre in September 2016, having previously worked in the Medical Centre’s General and Oncological Surgery Departments. “Biology was one of my favourite subjects at school, and as a kid, I loved watching all sorts of programmes, series and films that featured nature and animals as well as medical programmes on diseases, surgeries, etc.,” Annabel describes herself, adding with a smile: “I remember everyone always asking how I can watch such horrible things. So, I’ve been interested in medicine since I was little.”
In her spare time, athletic Annabel enjoys sports, taking photos and exploring the world by travelling.
Annabel is quick to answer when asked what she likes about her job: “What I like about my job is that I can help others and it’s good to work with people who come to donate their blood of their own free well, thus helping everyone in need. It is nice to see donors who have done good leave our centre satisfied and happy.”