Blood Centre’s Secretary Kaili Declared Best in Diagnostics Clinic



On 25 April, the Medical Centre celebrated Secretaries’ Day by acknowledging its best secretaries. We are proud that the Blood Centre’s secretary Kaili was named the best in the Diagnostics Clinic.

Kaili has been incredibly quick to blend into the Blood Centre’s staff, becoming a valued colleague in a little under two years. From the beginning, she has had ideas on how to better organise records management at her position as well as the skills to implement the respective changes. At the same time, she has a very open disposition and we feel that she is concerned with everything that goes on in the Blood Centre.

Aside from professionally performing her duties, she is always ready to take part in all ventures, offering her help and solutions. She is an excellent team player, encouraging others with her optimism and positive outlook.

We are very happy that the management of the Blood Centre’s complicated document system is in Kaili’s good hands and under her watchful eye. We value Kaili’s contribution greatly and wish to duly recognise it.