Brenda, Rico, Sandra and Ragnar


On the first day of 2009, a tiny girl was born to our family, but in the 26th week of pregnancy. Brenda, whose birth weight was a mere 800 grams, needed a blood transfusion on her 1st, 3rd, 6th and 20th days of life. We are forever grateful to all donors – thanks to them, we now have a healthy and vibrant six-year-old little girl in our family.

In January 2012, Brenda’s brother Rico was born. Because I had lost a lot of blood, I was given a plasma transfusion.

In other words, donors saved the life of my firstborn and helped me to recover more quickly after giving birth to our second child.

After our daughter was born, me and my husband became donors to help others in the same way I and our child – our family – were helped.