Merle Roos Postimees

Photo: Postimees

A chief specialist with the Police and Border Guard Administration, Merle Roos recalls an extremely difficult childbirth. “It culminated with a life-threatening loss of blood, and was followed by half a day of transfusions.” They used blood from three donors.

“I remain very thankful that the people gave the greatest gift of all – life. I also realized that there should be many more donors, because it really did take a lot of blood,” she says.

Many people first become donors by happenstance or at the urging of friends. They remain donors out of a sense of duty and desire to help others. All too often, people realize the importance of being a donor when they or a loved one need a transfusion. Merle, too, became a donor after a challenging life experience and now gives blood regularly.

Merle’s story was reported in Postimees daily by journalist Piret Lakson.