Donors are lifesavers’ theatre festival

On 20 March, schoolchildren faced off as part of a theatre festival called ‘Donors are lifesavers’. The stage of the Russian Theatre showcased creative works written specifically for the occasion by seven school theatre troupes from Narva, Käina, Aravete, Kallavere and Tallinn.

“With this festival we’re looking to promote the topic of blood donorship to young people and to encourage them to express themselves in a creative manner,” said Ülo Lomp, the creator of the festival and the North Estonia Medical Centre Blood Centre’s donorship development director. “Anyone who participates in the festival even once wants to do it again. We always try to give newcomers the chance to perform, and this time we were entertained by students from Narva Kesklinna Gymnasium’s theatre studio and Kanutiaia Youth House.”

This time, first place went to Narva Kesklinna Gymnasium’s theatre studio NgJ with a performance entitled ‘Veronika or Angel, who saves lives?’. Second place went to fun little mimes from Kadrioru German Gymnasium with a performance entitled ‘Charlie’ while third place was awarded to Aravete Secondary School with a sad story called ‘Mum, please help me!’.

All of the other participants deserve praise as well – a special prize went to the troupe from Hiiumaa’s Käina School for a performance about national defence.

The winning troupe won a visit to the theatre of their choice on mainland Estonia.