Recognition event for donors at the House of Blackheads

We recognised our exemplary donors at the special event organised for donors at the House of Blackheads in Tallinn on 25 February at noon. Minister of Social Protection Kaia Iva, Chairman of the Board of the Medical Centre, Clinical Director Dr. Andrus Remmelgas and Director of the Blood Centre Dr. Riin Kullaste were present to greet the donors and Marek Sadam and Sadamasild gave an entertaining musical performance. The Blood Centre will also be giving out the Great Donor Cup to the local authority which has been best at promoting donorship. This year, the cup went to Hiiu County. Raili Rand, the Rural Municipality Mayor of Hiiumaa accepted the award.

“This lovely tradition to greet donors at the recognition event is our way to try to express even a fracture of the gratitude felt by all the people who have received help,” said Dr. Kullaste, adding: “We would like to pay our respects to all the people who come to our aid and postpone their everyday activities. Nobody can pin down the price of a donation. There is no price tag on seeing a mother or father return to her or his children or parents whose child’s life has just been saved or even seeing a grandmother or grandfather being able to enjoy life again after a revitalising blood transfusion. It is safe to say that donated blood is truly priceless!”

Kaia Iva, the Minister for Social Protection wrote on her FB page after the event: “Today we recognised and showed gratitude towards donors. We have learned to produce new materials, use innovative technology and 3D print every conceivable thing in our century-old country. But we cannot print the giver, keeper and saver of life. Exemplary blood donors who have helped build our country by saving lives were gathered at the House of Blackheads today. You have made your 100-year-old country proud!”