Schoolchildren bring blood donorship into the spotlight

On Saturday, 28 March, schoolchildren will square off in the theatre festival called “Donors are lifesavers”. The stage of the Russian Theatre in Tallinn will feature works written specifically for the occasion by seven school theatre troupes from Käina, Kuusalu, Kallavere and Tallinn.

“Whoever has participated at the festival wants to return. We always try to give newcomers a chance to perform and are pleased that it’s easy to find people who are interested,” said the North Estonia Medical Centre blood centre’s donorship development director, Ülo Lomp.

“We want to introduce young people to what blood donorship is all about and encourage them to express themselves in a creative form. After the festival, the participants are always in high spirits and are happy about the experience they gained,” added Lomp.

The participants were adjudicated by a jury consisting of actress Liina Tennosaar, director of Jõelähtme Lavagrupp amateur theatre Maie Ramjalg and donors and theatre aficionados Sander Jürisson, Laivi Tõnurist and Liis Loikmann. The winning troupe from the festival will receive as a prize a night out to a theatre of their choice in mainland Estonia.

“Donors are Lifesavers” was held this year for the fifth time. The festival is supported by Bambona, Põltsamaa Felix, Kalev, the Russian Theatre and the Museum of Occupations.


Theatre festival “Donors are lifesavers” 2014