Shoppers who buy juice provide 6,000 euros in support for Blood Centre

Regionaalhaigla verekeskuse mahlakampaania

Karin Kustavus from Põltsamaa Felix giving the check to Riin Kullaste (NEMC BC)

Today Põltsamaa Felix handed over to the North Estonia Medical Centre’s Blood Centre a check for 5,643 euros raised from proceeds of juice sold last year in three promotional campaigns.

In the campaign, Põltsamaa brand tomato juice, apple juice and cranberry pomegranate juice took part and one cent of the sales went to support blood donorship.

“The money raised was a major help for us in organizing our summer blood donation tent campaign and for keepsakes given to donors on holidays and birthdays,” said director of the Blood Centre, Riin Kullaste.

“We’re very pleased with the results of the cooperation and we wish to thank the people who bought Põltsamaa juice, they helped us raise a big amount to support blood donations,” said Karin Kustavus, the head of Põltsamaa’s Felix product line.

Põltsamaa Felix has been a longstanding partner for the North Estonia Medical Centre right from the first summer donation tents were held in 2007. Cooperation in the form of various campaigns continues today.