The Blood Centre’s Nurse of the Year – Marianna Partonen


On the occasion of International Nurses Day we would like to introduce the Blood Centre’s Nurse of the Year 2017 – Marianna Partonen, who sees it as her mission to help others and who goes by the name of Mapa among her colleagues.

Cheerful, friendly and wearing a warm smile, Marianna has worked as a nurse at the Blood Centre for as long as 15 years. After graduating from the Tallinn Health Care College in 2001, she worked for a year at the Surgery Department of the North Estonia Medical Centre in Mustamäe, but as she did not get fully accustomed to the hospital setting, on 4 February 2002 she gladly seized the opportunity to start working as a nurse at the Blood Centre, where work is no doubt more enjoyable but requires every bit the same precision, accuracy and rigorous attention. Typically, Marianna’s daily duties include participating in field trips during which she performs medical examinations or draws blood. She likes to visit different towns and cities during donor day events because there is nothing routine about it each day brings a new place, new challenges and new, nice people. Having done this job for a long time, she has become good acquaintances with a number of donors in different places.

She answers the question about what she likes about her job resolutely:  “I absolutely love my job because it feels great to interact with donors. Also, I appreciate working on a good, friendly team. Positive colleagues and donors always help me stay happy. As I like to think that each one of us has a duty to help others, donors who care about people in need and have a desire to help them as well as find time despite their busy lives for small acts of kindess are a source of inspiration and motivation to me.” She adds: “Altough I have been working at the Blood Centre for as long as 15 years, this is what I would like to do in the future as well!”

Our congratulations to Marianna and we sincerely hope that she will be able to continue in her much-needed, respected role and that besides work she will have time to raise her daughter, read books and enjoy spending time with colleagues at social gatherings ringing with her laughter.